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The future of work is interdisciplinary, working in multi-functional teams in order to find new and creative answers for the challenges that lie ahead. The Global MBA program provides you with broad management know-how that is important to enable successful multi-functional cooperations. Each member of our Global MBA class with his/her special qualifications contributes to our credo: Be open to learn from each other! And benefit from diversity!

The quality and the acceptance of our Global MBA program is based on the structure of the MBA class, which “normally“ has the following profile:

  • The majority of the group works in the fields of Business/Management and Engineering in industry and service firms, with some group members coming from other fields like Law, Public Economy, Research, Welfare, Social Institutions and others.

  • The students are between 25 and 45 years old, with an average age of 31 years at the beginning of the MBA program.

  • Our students already have between 3 and 12 years of practical experience “on the job”, the average being 5 years.

  • Our students work in major enterprises as well as in SMEs, in public or state-owned enterprises and institutions, or in (own) startup firms.

  • They work in different industries, i.e., Automotive Industry, Mechanical, Medical or Electrical Engineering, in Power Industry, but also in Retail and other Service firms (i.e., IT or Management Consulting) or in the Digital Economy.

In our complex working world it is no longer sufficient to be trained only in one field of expertise, for example in Engineering or in a special field of Business Administration. More and more we need general management know-how, combined with knowledge from related areas such as digitalization and sustainability. For this reason, our Global MBA program follows the idea of T-shaped skills. In addition to your main qualification i.e. in Engineering, Management, Law, but also other fields such as Natural Sciences, Medicine, Welfare or the Public Sector (the vertical bar of the letter T), our Global MBA program also provides a broad range of qualifications in the field of Business Administration and International Management (the horizontal bar of the T) to fully understand the topics from a management perspective, enabling you to collaborate “across disciplines“ with experts from other areas.

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Dr. Marlen Braune, Biotronik SE & Co. KG

MBA alumna, Dipl.-Biologin Univ., Dr. rer. nat.

"You can already successfully apply the know-how which you acquired over the weekend on monday in your own company."

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