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Target Groups



Diversity is our asset.

As Germany’s most innovative university, we know that diversity is an asset – and a strength we would like to share with all our MBA students!


The Global MBA program is designed for Senior Professionals as well as Young Professionals. For those who already have years of management experience but want to get a “fresh update“ of management know-how from the academic point of view. And for those who are just starting their management career on the solid basis of an internationally accepted MBA program.


The Global MBA program is a full rank University Master program that can be studied in „part-time“, making it much easier for the participants to match academic studies with the challenging tasks and commitments of a management career. Our program is organized and taught completely in English, making sure that all the competencies and know-how gained in the program can be used in international or multinational firms as well as in SMEs operating in different countries.


No matter how diverse the group is, all members of the Global MBA program are united by the same “MBA spirit“: The willingness to bring personal knowledge, experiences and strengths into the program enthusiastically, the readiness to learn from each other, and to contribute to common networks and synergy effects.


Below you can find some original statements from participants and alumni of the MBA program at FAU:

Senior Professionals



„As a top manager, I am responsible for Finance and Controlling, IT- and Process Management in a medium-sized industry firm, where I lead a team of 13 people. In my new position as company officer with statutory authority and member of the management board, I am glad to have acquired and updated my management competencies significantly in studying the MBA program at FAU.“

Natalia Schindler, MBA class 2019-2021

Career changer

„In my position as Medical Director, I am not only confronted with medical, but also substantial managerial challenges that have to be coped with in a professional way. This concerns quality management, managing the efficiency and profitability of the clinic as well as the management of medical startup firms – to mention only a few. Therefore, the MBA program at FAU, especially due to its perfect curriculum and its fitting part-time structure, was an ideal way of enhancing my management qualifications.“

Dr. med. Johannes Nico Urban, MBA class 2018-2020


(Young) Professionals


Junior manager

„My career brought me to my current position as Branch Officer, being responsible for a team of five employees. After having finished my bachelor’s degree in a part-time model already, I was glad to continue my academic training in joining the part-time MBA program of FAU. I am expecting to enlarge my knowledge as well as my “tool box“ in order to better detect and realize new business opportunities. I am especially interested in new and innovative business models, and I am looking forward to discussing and working with the other members of the MBA course who come from other firms and industries. This is an ideal way to expand my knowledge and to strengthen my business network.“

Sylvia Platzöder, MBA class 2020-2022


„With my professional background rooted in the field of technical engineering, I currently work as a product an project manager in the med-tech industry. In this position, I also deal with a great variety of business management issues. This includes everything from technical management up to challenging economic issues arising from my employer's digitization and sustainability strategy. For me personally,  attending single management courses to answer my entrepreneurial questions is not effective and sustainable enough. Instead, I see an MBA program at FAU, i.e., acquiring comprehensive management expertise at university master's level, as the best means of choice for acquiring profound business know-how and pursuing my career path.“

Dr. Elmar Garcia, MBA class 2021-2023




Bachelor graduate with desire to study for a master's degree and start a career

„I have already made very good experiences in studying in a dual system in Germany. In 2019 I successfully finished my professional education as Industrial Manager, getting also my bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Now I want to get a master’s degree from a well-renowned university like FAU without interrupting my professional career as Commercial Project Manager.“

Miriam Gleixner, MBA class 2020-2022

Bachelor graduate with desire for more professional practice and master's degree

„I have always been fond of combining theory and practice. This is why I started my professional career by studying in a dual system, integrating a professional education as qualified IT specialist with a bachelor’s degree in Business Informatics. I also completed a parallel certification as a specialist consultant for software technologies. Now I want to achieve more practical experiences as global IT-Demand Manager, while attending this MBA program in order to get a master’s degree from FAU.“

Marc Tobias, MBA class 2021-2023

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